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Joey pastors City Church—an urban church in Conway, Arkansas that is truly welcoming of all people, sees creativity as the key to the future, chooses authenticity over performance, substance over hype, and quality over quantity. Joey is passionate about making disciple-makers and has helped to plant 4 churches in the last 4 years. 3 of those churches bear the name City Church and exist in more urban areas of Central Arkansas while the other exists in a rural area (Christ Church). He has a Business Administration undergrad from Arkansas State University and Masters in Theological Studies and Divinity from Liberty University Theological Seminary. Joey is fascinated with and committed to guiding others toward personal transformation in Jesus, fostering imagination, creating cultural change, social justice, and helping others to find joy in the mundane. He and his wife Syndal have 2 children, Ryder X (8) and MJ (6).

Joey loves weekly date nights with his wife Syndal and going on mini-adventures w/his children Ryder and MJ. Joey also dreams of one day competing in the Ironman World championships in Kona, Hawaii. 


“When my family began our church planting adventures in 2013, we were seeking to create the kind of Biblical community that we had always read about in scripture. What we got was so much more. The depth of relationships, the intimacy of hearts knitted together to the Gospel, and the satisfaction we've found in Jesus are things none of us could even attempt to take the credit for. The beauty of seeing people find satisfaction when they cast off idols and sell out to the mission of Jesus never gets old."

GMA Dove Award winner Ryan Stevenson is known for his chart topping songs:

Eye of the Storm
The Gospel
All Yours
Holding Nothing Back
The Human Side
Not Forgotten



Ryan Stevenson has been playing worship music since he was eighteen-years-old, after his youth pastor surprised him by giving him a guitar. From there, he began performing at summer camps, mission trips, and youth groups. Ryan also formed an acoustic duo with fellow singer Paul Wright, while attending Northwest Christian College in Eugene, Oregon.

After years of writing songs and performing live shows, Ryan caught the attention of TobyMac, who signed him to his label, Gotee Records. Toby was blown away by his talent, saying: "Ryan is an impressive songwriter who understands the delicate balance of writing songs about his faith and walking it out in a cold, cold world. He never shies away from a 'Jesus' lyric, 'cause he is fully aware of where his strength comes from."

Ryan's debut single, "Holding Nothing Back" was the result of clinging to God in the midst of trials...

'''Holding Nothing Back,' is one of the most personal, vulnerable songs I have written, birthed during a season of desperation," explains Ryan. "I remember praying, 'God, whatever it takes for You to break through in my life' - and His answer came through fiery circumstances. I came to a place where I was able to say 'no matter what it takes, I'm not going to hold anything back anymore - I just have to know You.'"

His song "The Human Side" came next along with the album Hold Nothing Back. It's a song about God's love for us shown through His grace and understanding, which brings us hope...

"This is a song of hope inspired from personal defeats, failures and struggles in my own life. Because we are all just people, none of us are immune to trial and tribulation," Ryan says. "We are going to face situations that bring to the surface the reality of our humanness. The amazing hope in this song is the blatant message of HIS amazing grace! Because Jesus is so good and merciful to me, it makes me want to obey Him and bless His heart with my life!

Besides collaborating on music projects and touring, Ryan also encourages people to live a healthy life through his Fresh Start video series. This desire to help others reach their health goals stems from a choice he made to get healthy several years ago. He has lost more than 125 pounds.

Ryan and his wife, Kim, live in Boise, Idaho with their two sons.

Micah Tyler is known for his chart topping songs:

Never Been A Moment
If She Only Knew
Even Then
Soul Song



It’s hard to imagine how many times Micah Tyler spent his days wondering ‘what’s next,’ while driving a sausage delivery truck across southeast Texas. Surely, questioning his own discernment to quit his youth pastor gig, sell half of what he owned to move his family into a single-wide trailer and start traveling the region, performing songs he’d written.

Not an easy move for a guy in his late 20s living in somewhat-reclusive Buna, Texas with a wife, three kids, and no strong connection to the music industry, at the time. “I just knew I had to be obedient and step out into music full time,” Micah recalls. “I told the Lord, ‘I don’t know how to be a professional musician, but you’ve taught me to be faithful.’ It was a daily decision to wake up every morning and stop worrying about tomorrow.”

Fast-forward down that long road, and the same guy behind the delivery truck wheel over a half-decade prior, is now the latest pop artist to sign a national record deal and release his debut EP, Different (out November 4), through Fair Trade Services. The lead single from that project, “Never Been a Moment” is not only one of the biggest radio singles from a breakout act in 2016, it turned out to be more autobiographical in context than he even planned.

“(Nashville songwriter) Jeff Pardo and I jumped in to writing this song without a specific story behind it, until after it was completed,” Micah says. “Then I realized, ‘Wow, this song is essentially a journal entry of the past six years of my life. Everything my family and I had gone through in this faith journey led up to this.”


A big part of Micah’s journey included traveling 200 days per year, performing at youth and college-aged camps and leadership conferences throughout the South. His impact and understanding of his younger audiences was immortalized on a viral parody video titled “Millennials,” which has over 65 million cumulative views on YouTube and Facebook. Most budding artists pine for such organic exposure, but Micah’s YouTube fame put him on edge, though leading him to a healthy resolve.

“Here I am, working hard toward becoming a serious musician when this funny video breaks loose—and I’m thinking this isn’t at all what I want to be known for,” Micah says. “But in all of this, God’s helped me recognize he’s provided a special set of colors on my palette to paint with, and I’m the only one who can paint this unique picture with my life and story. If he calls it ‘wonderful,’ then I need to embrace that and celebrate its worth.”

Micah’s epiphany hit him so clearly, that it inspired the EP’s title track “Different.” “Writing this record brought to the surface a lot of insecurities I’ve dealt with my entire life. Not feeling good enough. Psalm 139, David’s praise of being uniquely created felt more like a punishment to me,” Micah says. “I want to sing and look and perform like other artists, but I’m not called to be Jeremy Camp or Bart Millard. The only one he’s called me to be is Micah. There are times I’d rather be those other guys, but I’m ultimately learning to embrace who God has called and created me to be.”

With that said, hundreds of nights on the road have certainly honed Micah’s purpose for ministry through a growing list of self-penned tunes borne from a place that’s as real as the person he’s trying to be. “These songs are battle-tested,” says Micah. “I want to live the music I’m writing. There are some songs I can’t write because I haven’t lived there yet. When someone comes up to me after a concert and tells me how my songs affected them, I want to make sure they know I can relate.”

As he wraps up a fall tour with Phil Wickham and Stars Go Dim, Micah is slated as the opener on MercyMe’s tour, Spring 2017.

He currently resides in his hometown of Buna, TX with his lovely wife Casey and their three awesome kiddos Noah, Hannah, and Seth.

Carl Crispin

Jeremy Shofield


321 Improv creates a unique, interactive comedy experience unlike any you’ve been part of before. 321 Improv instantly turns audience suggestions into hilarious scenes that will bring tears to your eyes, a pain to your side and will make your face ache with laughter!

Carl Crispin started 321 Improv in 2004 and has been traveling and performing improvisational comedy full time for 18 years. Joining wits with Mike Domeny and Jeremy Schofield, 321 Improv brings a level of energy that makes the show completely unpredictable.

Since its inception, 321 Improv has been in high demand for events across the United States and Canada. They’ve performed in more than 40 states and 4 Canadian provinces bringing true joy and laughter to almost a million people.

Student and adult audiences ranging in size from 50 to 10,000+ people have enjoyed the experience of laughing together in an evening of hilarious, clean entertainment while building stronger bonds within marriages, families, friends, community and the church.

No two shows are ever alike!

Carl Crispin is from Boca Raton, FL, Mike Domeny is from Manchester, NH, and Jeremy Schofield is from Oklahoma City, OK.

321 Improv will bring tears to your eyes, a pain to your side, and make your face ache from laughter. Experience an evening of unique, interactive comedy as 321 Improv instantly turns audience suggestions into hilarious scenes. An evening with 321 Improv is unlike anything you've been part of before and no two shows will ever be the same.

"The ministry of 321 Improv is to use comedy to spread a message of true joy that can only come from a personal relationship with Jesus Christ." – Carl Crispin, founder of 321 Improv

Mike Domeny


Kirklynn Usher

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